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Babyllon – “Sex Like Thunder”: Savage Sapphic Funk and Roll

“Sex Like Thunder” is an amazing tune!!! Everyone is going to love this. It’s got something for everybody. This tectonic rumpshaker will triumph over everything!

Not every female musician wants to be a pop star, and they don’t have to be. Babyllon is finalizing her second studio album. The album is a collection of work she created to, “Provide a sense of strength to those who are rising from struggles.” Polina Antoni Kanin, who releases her music under the stage name “Babyllon” is set to release her new album Collide.

Collide is 10 songs written and produced by Babyllon and inspired by classic rock and roll legends like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Amy Winehouse, Joan Jett, Hall & Oates with the influence of modern soul. We had an opportunity to preview the album, and it’s easy to understand why publications like Guitar World Magazine were quick to endorse Babyllon considering her one of the “Top 10 Female Guitarists You Should Know.”

“Sex Like Thunder” the onset third single off of the Album Collide, is releasing today. The first two singles were released in late 2022, entitled “All Your Love,” and “David and Goliath.”

 While collaborating with Grammy Award Winning Producer Jeff Jones, they kicked off recording her album by enlisting prominent talent such as Gary Foote (Motown) and Victor Jones (Lionel Riche/Drummer) to record “David and Goliath.”

In an interview, Babyllon describes working with Jeff Jones “The Jedi Master” as a truly surreal experience, a collaboration that was nearly 10 years in the making. She went on to mention that working with highly experienced musicians on David and Goliath set the energy for Collide, and led her to set high expectations for the rest of the album. Stepping out from the comfort zone of working with a Grammy winning producer, she had a huge obligation to fulfill her role as an executive producer for the other 9 songs on Collide. In releasing the album, she saw fit to release “David and Goliath” first, as a single, giving listeners insight into where she is coming from with this new release.

According to Polina, they recorded a total of 12 songs in 2 days. Well technically, a day and a half.Babyllon looks back at working with iiWii Recording in Newark as a huge opportunity to grow as a producer. She considers her production and collaboration style to be highly supportive and impactful to talent, and aspires to bring a sports coach level of enthusiasm to the studio.

Babyllon plans to spend her time promoting her release, and is looking forward to establishing relationships with female driven booking agencies, publishing companies, and record companies to continue her mission to impact those who feel their voices have been suppressed.



Artist. Producer. PowerBush. 

Polina Antoni Kanin is a rock and roll artist, who has shared the stage with 

powerful players such as, Meshell Ndegeocello, Divinity Roxx, John Walker ( Panic! at the Disco), and many more. She has grit, 2 decades of playing under her belt, and a whole 

lot of fire in her soul.

She is the proud owner of PowerBush Records.

2023 Show Dates to be announced soon ...



Let's make some noise!

Polina Antoni Kanin 



Montana Longley

Executive Assistant

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